Journeying with Charice

Links to 2010 articles/posts about Charice. 

October 2010
Charice got the Big Dome all shook up!

Charice soars at concert
When she began to sing, everyone momentarily froze.
Latest on Charice: sang Note to God in Chicago, guested on Oprah
Quo vadis, Charice? Sky is the limit. This 18-year old girl is a gift from God. Her vocal chords are still developing. With greater songs composed to challenge her emergent mezzo-soprano vocals, we gonna be witnessing a Super Diva occupying the bright sky for a long, long time.
Girl Talk with Glee's Charice
By 16, singer Charice Pempengco had been discovered on YouTube, appeared on Oprah, dueted with Celine Dion and become known by one name. The pint-size powerhouse from the Philippines is now 18, talks to K.C. Baker about her Glee role, meeting Justin Timberlake – and all that botox backlash.

September 2010
Charice gives back to her Gulod neighbors
“I grew up in Gulod. I learned to dream in that place, inside our little apartment. People in our barrio are happy for me. I should also make them feel happy,” Charice ended.
Asia’s Rising Pop Star

March Issue of Singapore’s Teen Magazine Features Charice
The rising pop stars today are a bunch of high-school kids... But 17-year-old Charice Pempengco from the Philippines has none of these time-tested formulas of overnight success. Winning or losing in local singing contests did not place her in the limelight.

August 2010
A Star Is Born Online: How YouTube Made Charice Famous http://www.rdasia.com/a-star-is-born-online
Four years ago, Dave DueƱas, then a nursing student from the Philippines hit upon an idea: he would make a name for himself by posting a video on YouTube that would generate a lot of hits. The world was about to be introduced to Charmaine Clarice Pempengco, better known as Charice.

July 2010
...This young girl will probably be the biggest Filipino Singer in History!
...Her voice was STUNNING!   The range, the tone, the richness was so beautiful that I felt so privileged to be able to experience her gift live!  I also love her down to earth personality. I mean, she was so REAL!
Charice tells Thai reporters: "Music is my boyfriend."

Jim Paredes: "A Charice story - edited"
Was saving this for an article in the future. You might say, this was one of my many encounters with greatness.

June 2010
New Interview: Charice Talks Celine, Oprah And Her Mom
We were so compelled by Charice's undeniable charm, only-on-the-Internet-could-this-happen story and her powerful voice that we had to track her down and ask her a few questions.

May 2010
Charice: The next Celine Dion?
She's only 4-foot-9, but Charice has a towering voice. When she applies her vocal pipes to a Whitney Houston ballad, she makes it look as easy as tying her shoelaces.
FalseVoice. The Wizard of YouTube

‘Charice’ debuts at No. 8 on Billboard 200; 'Pyramid’ expected to ‘scale multiple charts’

Charice Pempengco's Catholic baptism and confirmation

Charice, what do you ask of the Church?

Charice and Carl Celebrate Catholic Baptism and Confirmation
More photos: http://www.charicemania.com/community/forum/#/20100523/charice-baptism-and-confirmation-18063/ Or: http://www.flickr.com/photos/36395257%40N02/sets/72157624111615074/

Video: Charice Pempengco's baptism, confirmation held in Pasig church

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