Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Things I Like About Charice's One Day Music Video

There are more than a hundred things I like about Charice's One Day video but I have decided to list only ten here, and in no particular order:

1. Inspirational - The song and the video have a real uplifting effect on people's lives. Read this comment on YouTube

2. Positive - Many are sadly mistaken thinking that to be realistic one has to highlight what's negative. Charice has gone through so many negatives in her young life yet she chooses to turn those around into something positive - and that's what makes this song so authentic. (FYI: Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers co-wrote and co-produced "One Day". Great collaboration between two extremely talented young artists)

3. Fun - Makes you want to go to school! Someone posted on YouTube: "If only this could really happen in Schools :/" That's the video's point, make the positive change, make it happen!

4. It's real - One Day, the song and the music video, are about people. And it is not simply a put-on, feel-good thing. Charice here is the real Charice, the main characters are real, the message is real. Who knows better than Charice when she sings, they’re not gonna keep me down, they’re not gonna shut me out, they’re gonna do what they do, i'll do me; i’m moving against the crowd, i’m drowning out the doubt? Starting at a very early age, Charice has had more than her fair share of hardships, putdowns, poverty, and even domestic violence. And at only 19 now, look at the great things she's achieved so far.

5. It's so upbeat it makes me want to shout "YEAH!" with Charice.

6. Charice's dance moves - It's not just that she can dance. She's a dancer! Famous choreographer Gil Duldulao ("Janet's Dance Guru") said in the "Charice - One Day Behind the Scenes": Charice is a raw, natural performer so I don't really need to bring anything out of her.

7. Her angelic smile - everytime she flashes that smile, or gives even just a hint of it, it really gives a happy feeling.

8. Camera captures perfectly the look in her eyes when each of the three students feel uncertain - her eyes say it all: Don't worry, you can do it!

9. Charice is a guardian angel in the video. And she is like that in real life: always inspiring, encouraging, and guiding (even people older than her!).

10. Ok, this is a girl comment: her make-up. I just have to say that its simplicity brings out her natural beauty. Couldn't have been better :) Thanks to Dusty Starks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Charice in 98.5 KLUC's End of Summer Block Party 2011

Charice will perform again in 98.5 KLUC's End of Summer Block Party
Update: See Charice perform Louder
She also performed Before it Explodes, Pyramid Iyaz, and One Day with Chaster Vanessa

After first reading about it in (where they also have a "radio request must-read"), I quickly searched in YouTube for her performance in the same event last year. Below is a playlist of the videos courtesy of SideburnerSol and uploaded by ChariceTVCrew.

Reading the article by LAfan posted in perfectly complements these videos.

We can expect Charice to sing "Louder" live at the event since 98.5 KLUC is promoting it on their site: New Music From GLEE Star Charice

Read the details of the End of Block Summer Party 2011 below.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Will Charice and the One Day Music Video appear at the Teen Choice Awards 2011?

Look at this news from the Teen Choice Awards site:

In this year's TCA, Charice is not among the nominees (at least the last time I checked). Earlier today on Twitter, when asked about her appearing as a performer, she replied:
No, I won't perform. hummmm....

When another Chaster asked if she will be the Acuvue Inspire awardee, she said no:
Neither.... hahahhaa

Finally, when the same Chaster just expressed her hope that Charice will come out at the event, Charice replied:
Who knows... just might appear like a mushroom (meaning, unexpectedly) again. :))

Charice really knows how to keep Chasters in suspense. Well, I think Chasters do not mind at all. We enjoy looking forward to Cha's many surprises!

In case the Teen Choice Awards page has changed content, below's a screenshot:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updating (First) Photos & Videos of Charice in David Foster & Friends in Napa Valley

July 19: Charice had a tweet party some 12 hours ago. Chasters and even new followers had the time of their lives being replied to by Charice! As we know she's very busy, and that's great for her career, but let's also hope she's getting enough rest. Take care of yourself, Charice!

Videos with best video and audio quality I have found so far:

Other uploads:

Charice - David Foster & Friends: Napa Valley - July 16, 2011

Charice 07-16-2011 Napa, California Part 1 of 3:
Charice 07/16/2011 Napa, California Part 2 of 3:
Charice 07/16/2011 Napa, California Part 3 of 3:

Charice - The Bodyguard Medley at Robert Mondavi Winery

Playlist (by char1cemania):
Here are some of the earliest uploaded photos and videos of Charice in the David Foster & Friends concert held today in the Napa Valley Festival del Sole at the Robert Mondavi Winery.

See her standing on top of the piano?
As expected, Charice's performance was awesome, amazing, incredible, and whatever other superlatives can be thought of as shared by those who witnessed it live. See how she got the crowd up on stage!

Lovely Charice

Whether in Napa Valley or not, Chasters were all worked up just the same for Charice's live performance. At the same time, however, there have been a tweet or two of some disappointment. One is, why didn't Charice sing her new songs instead of David Foster's which are old? I think a tweet from eve marie of Charicemania explains it succinctly: It's a David Foster concert in the wine country, featuring Charice, not a solo radio promo. It's appropriate to sing his songs.

Also, I would add, DFF concert-goers love David Foster's songs and they are more than happy to hear these beautiful songs being sung live again by someone who, as David himself expressed, can do them justice.

Just before Charice got on stage
Another comment was, why the same songs as in the DFF of last year? I think it's because it's the first time for DFF with Charice in Napa Valley so it's but right to assume that for most of the audience, it was their first time to hear her sing those songs (or to hear her sing for that matter). So, don't worry, we can expect a new DFF repertoire when the concert goes back to Las Vegas and to Asia this year.

A closer look at Charice singing "I Will Survive" on top of the piano

Another key factor, I think, for the choice of songs is that DFF concert-goers are not Charice's age, to which her new songs are marketed. DFF audience is of an older age bracket and it is exactly to their music preference that her songs today have been chosen to match. For Charice, it was a matter of first winning over this audience (and did she win them) before winning them to her new songs.

Let me clarify though that those whose comments I cited above are far from crabs or haters; they are Chasters who sincerely expressed what they felt, and they felt that way because they only wanted the best for Charice. I mention it here because they are interesting points.

Last thought: Even if I have only seen a sound check of her singing "To Love You More" and a 31-second video of her "I Will Survive", it's mind-blowing how she actually sang them even better than last year which I thought was already awesome! Even if the videos are not of high quality, you can already note how her voice has grown even more beautiful - more mature and fuller. Really, Charice is an unending source of amazement!

Sound check: Charice, "To Love You More"


Charice followed by Japanese crew during rehearsals. -Seems it's the NHK Songs crew.

Charice at R Mondavi rehearsal. -Cool.

Arm wrestling while waiting to sing.
-In the Billboard Q&A last year, Charice said she prepares for a performance by playing around.

See the killer heel?

Closeup look in DFF concert at Napa Valley! =]

Charice standing ON David Foster's piano singing I will survive.
Crowd is going nuts!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting for Charice's "One Day" Music Video

It's out! Charice first tweeted about it on July 28, pointing to AOL Music then she uploaded it on her official YouTube channel.

10 Things I Like About Charice's One Day Music Video

July 21: Charice had a tweet party about six hours ago and made another mention of the most-awaited One Day MV:
I'm looking for that OneDayMV. It's hiding under my bed. Tsk. Doesn't want to come out yet.

Here's Charice's latest tweet about the One Day music video:
The OneDayMv is just somewhere there hiding... lol
To calm the restlessness of waiting for Charice's music video for "One Day", this Chaster has been visiting and revisiting related news, photos and videos. Now I'm not sure if indeed the effect has been calming or it's just making me more excited to see the "One Day" official music video and watch Charice shine in her dance moves.

Charice's tweet on July 12

Charice and Nick Jonas "One Day" Behind The Scene Go Behind the Scenes with Charice and Nick Jonas?! You Don’t Have to Ask Us Twice (Video)

JustJaredJr: Nick Jonas & Charice: 'One Day' Playback Pair Charice & Nick Jonas Joke Around In The Studio While Making ‘One Day!'

Shooting the music video
@ #oneday video shoot!!!! Ready for the dance break? pic of my manager and I from yesterday rehearsal for #OneDay music video. Yep! I'm the female version of him. Ha!!

Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 1: Finding her voice

Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 2: A star on YouTube -
Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 3: My big dreams -

MTV: Nick Jonas Says Writing 'One Day' For Charice Was 'Organic'

Behind the scenes recording of "One Day" by Charice with Nick Jonas

Charice - "One Day" Official Lyric Video

Let "One Day" be today, Charice!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Congratulations, Team Charice - Team Orange!

Life Savers Gummies has proclaimed its newest flavor based on the online voting that ended last week:

Orange was trailing behind the two other "nominated" flavors, Raspberry and Lemonade, when Charice tweeted that she was endorsing Orange because she said, "I'm all for the underdog".

Well, Chasters responded so well that Orange dramatically rose from being at the last spot to the top. Great work, Charice and Chasters!

You can read about the Chasters' poster for Charice's Team Orange campaign, as well as the official campaign party that Charice hosted, here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2 of my favorite CHAvids (Charice Videos)

Charice at 16 (2008)
If I'm not mistaken, this was a rehearsal for a celebrity-studded fund-raising activity "Carousel of Hope" which featured big artists like Josh Groban and, of course, David Foster.

Charice doing Michael Jackson's moves is amazing. This was three years ago and so I can't wait to see her own dance moves this time in the music video she just made for "One Day".

Watch videos of the actual performance (uploaded by FalseVoice):

See photos of Charice's performance:

Charice at 17 (2009)
Comments on Youtube saying this was a performance more than a mere rehearsal are right. Charice sings so beautifully, listening and watching her is so soothing to the soul. An additional treat for me is the last part of the video which captures just how naturally charming - and funny - Charice is, like an angelic child wiping clean the piano top with her towel!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Will Charice / Sunshine Corazon be back or not on Glee's Season 3?

Charice singing Telephone, Glee Season 2, Episode 1
Piecing together here my recent tweets and comments posted elsewhere on the "news" that's been spreading over the internet, that is, that Charice apparently will not be appearing anymore in Glee's Season 3.

I may have missed out on it, but I have been looking for any news that quotes or shows Glee creator Ryan Murphy actually saying that and I have not found any. The only article I found stated that Ryan Murphy said there won't be "guest stars" in Glee's next season. That's quite different.
Charice singing Listen, Glee Season 2, Episode 1
Though I personally prefer not to see Charice tied to a TV show, I have a feeling that, yes, Charice will not be coming back as a guest star in Glee, but only because she'll be part of the regular cast.
Charice interview, Glee Season 2, Episode17
Having guested in only three non-consecutive episodes, Charice made such a strong impact on Glee. Each of the three episodes were highly anticipated and talked about. I would say Charice and Glee mutually benefited from that. Charice gained more exposure among a younger audience worldwide and Glee made more news and gained more viewers having a real young diva to watch out for: she outsang everyone in the show.
Charice singing As Long As You're There, Glee Season 2, Episode22
The Charice-Glee affair was nice while it lasted. If Charice truly will not be back, it will just mark the end of one chapter in order to begin another. It will be time to move on, especially for Charice. She’ll have her hands fuller than they already are with a sophomore international album, tours, and films. And Glee does need to tighten its storyline – its actors can only perform as well as the story will allow them.

Good luck to both Charice and Glee!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Charice's Awards & Recognitions

Source: Wikipedia

  • 3rd Place – Little Big Star Big Division, Season 1, 2005, Philippines
  • Most Requested Foreign Act of 2007 – StarKing, South Korea
  • Most Memorable Moment of 2007 – The Ellen DeGeneres Show, USA
  • Pinoy World Class Talent – 20th Year Anniversary of the Music Museum, 2008, Philippines
  • Key To The City of Rotterdam – Mayor Ivo Opstelten, 2008, The Netherlands
  • Best New Female Recording Artist – Aliw Awards, 2008, Philippines
  • Newsmaker of the Year 2008, 2009 and 2010 – Balitang America, USA
  • People of the Year 2008 – People Asia Magazine, 2009, Philippines
  • Plaque of Recognition – The Spirit of EDSA Foundation, 2009, Philippines
  • Special Citation Award – MYX Music Awards 2009, Philippines
  • National Newsmaker of the Year 2008 – Ateneo de Davao University TAO Awards, 2009, Philippines
  • Outstanding Global Achievement – 40th Box Office Entertainment Awards (Guillermo Awards), 2009, Philippines
  • Best Selling Album of the Year - 22nd Awit Awards, 2009, Philippines
  • Best Musical Performance of 2009 – The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA
  • Person of the Year for 2009 –, Philippines
  • MDWK Magazine's Top Newsmakers of 2009 – Asian Journal's MDWK Magazine, Philippines
  • Fun, Fearless Female Award – Cosmopolitan Magazine Philippines, 2010
  • 21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors (Number 4) – Billboard, 2010 USA
  • Icon of Tomorrow – J-14 Magazine, 2010 USA
  • BPInoy Award: Outstanding Filipino – Bank of the Philippine Islands, 2010 Philippines
  • Best Inspirational or Religious Song (for "Always You") - 23nd Awit Awards, 2010, Philippines
  • Number 4 in Yahoo!'s 2010 Most Irresistible Lyrics for 'Pyramid' – Yahoo!, 2010
  • Number 7 in Reader's Choice Favorite Album of 2010: 'Charice' - Billboard
  • Number 17 in Best Dance Club Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard
  • Number 59 in Japan Hot 100 Songs of 2010: 'Pyramid' – Billboard
  • J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Award: Best New Artist - J-Wave Radio, 2011, Japan
  • Female Concert Performer of the Year - 42nd Box-Office Entertainment Awards, 2011, Philippines