Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Real: Charice, Cover Girl of Preview Magazine's Jan-Feb 2012 Issue

Many people must be so jaded not just with life, but with themselves, that every time something so real comes along, they can't quite believe it. They're the type who, when they see a luxurious arrangement of perfectly long-stemmed, blood-red roses,  just pass by it thinking, it looks so real it must be fake.

From stylebible.ph

That's how this kind of people react to Charice - to her talent, her story, her achievements, her values, her personality. And recently, her being a fashion magazine's cover girl.

Preview Magazine, the Philippine's fashion authority, opened the year 2012 with a bang -  Charice on their magazine cover!  She looks so gorgeously sophisticated that many of those who were quickest to react when the magazine came out were those who said, "Over photoshopped!"

Right, they take one quick look and then make an even quicker judgement. These people wouldn't know anything authentic even if it were to come under their nose.

Sure, in Preview Magazine's cover Charice didn't look her usual self mainly because this superstar of a girl is so natural and so totally comfortable with herself that many times she doesn't mind going out in public or even coming out on TV and photos with just the lightest make-up, and at times, no make up at all. (Yet you see she's naturally beautiful even with light make-up.)

So now that she's delightfully Preview Magazine's first cover girl for 2012, not only do these people think Charice's photo has been digitally altered, but they've also been criticizing her and the magazine for it. Oh well, as Jessica Zafra said, "the talentless are always resentful" - unfortunately, even of what's authentic and true.

Viewing the behind-the-scenes video below belies any "over photoshopped" claim:

And here's a favorite retweet about it by the cover shot's make-up artist:
@annecurtissmith “@lizzzuy: RT @juansarte: Charice for Preview Behind the Scenes video. Eto ang pruweba. Hindi po yun Photoshop. youtube.com/watch?v=RoUmLM…”
To Charice, don't mind the crabs who want to pull you down with them. Just keep on setting trends, creating waves, breaking barriers, expanding and perfecting your talents, and strengthening your character. With your big, big heart you'll go very, very far!