Friday, July 29, 2011

10 Things I Like About Charice's One Day Music Video

There are more than a hundred things I like about Charice's One Day video but I have decided to list only ten here, and in no particular order:

1. Inspirational - The song and the video have a real uplifting effect on people's lives. Read this comment on YouTube

2. Positive - Many are sadly mistaken thinking that to be realistic one has to highlight what's negative. Charice has gone through so many negatives in her young life yet she chooses to turn those around into something positive - and that's what makes this song so authentic. (FYI: Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers co-wrote and co-produced "One Day". Great collaboration between two extremely talented young artists)

3. Fun - Makes you want to go to school! Someone posted on YouTube: "If only this could really happen in Schools :/" That's the video's point, make the positive change, make it happen!

4. It's real - One Day, the song and the music video, are about people. And it is not simply a put-on, feel-good thing. Charice here is the real Charice, the main characters are real, the message is real. Who knows better than Charice when she sings, they’re not gonna keep me down, they’re not gonna shut me out, they’re gonna do what they do, i'll do me; i’m moving against the crowd, i’m drowning out the doubt? Starting at a very early age, Charice has had more than her fair share of hardships, putdowns, poverty, and even domestic violence. And at only 19 now, look at the great things she's achieved so far.

5. It's so upbeat it makes me want to shout "YEAH!" with Charice.

6. Charice's dance moves - It's not just that she can dance. She's a dancer! Famous choreographer Gil Duldulao ("Janet's Dance Guru") said in the "Charice - One Day Behind the Scenes": Charice is a raw, natural performer so I don't really need to bring anything out of her.

7. Her angelic smile - everytime she flashes that smile, or gives even just a hint of it, it really gives a happy feeling.

8. Camera captures perfectly the look in her eyes when each of the three students feel uncertain - her eyes say it all: Don't worry, you can do it!

9. Charice is a guardian angel in the video. And she is like that in real life: always inspiring, encouraging, and guiding (even people older than her!).

10. Ok, this is a girl comment: her make-up. I just have to say that its simplicity brings out her natural beauty. Couldn't have been better :) Thanks to Dusty Starks!

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  1. hi! i came to read this blog when it was linked by one of the staffers in read! and i agree with your ten choices! angie (the staffer who posted a quote from ur blog) posted ur link here check out the forum if u have time! :D hope to hear more from you!