Saturday, February 25, 2012

No One Else Comes Close/Just The Way You Are by Charice

Here's a higher quality video of a medley Charice sang in "One for the Heart", her 2012 Valentine concert. Uploaded on YouTube by .

Really, no one else comes close to the lovely Charice and her voice.

Charice's 2012 Valentine Concert: One For The Heart

Enjoy watching Charice's Valentine concert aired on Philippine TV in February 2012. She looks and sounds lovelier and more mature and at the same time still exudes the refreshing and childlike aura we adore.

There are two versions on YouTube. A seven-part series uploaded by . Below is part 1 of 7:

This other version is a compilation done and uploaded by

"One Day" by Charice Inspires Flashmob for Leukemia Victims

Bravo! This is what we need, young Filipinos like Charice and these UP med students who move and inspire others to help our fellow citizens, especially when what we see right now are political leaders tearing each other down.