Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dreamgirls Composer: Charice's version of "Listen" is better than the original

Many, including myself at times, would say of certain things that, generally, the original's the best. But Charice is obviously far from being part of what's general or usual out there.

And so while there are people who get peeved when her fans say that she's better than the original when she sings covers, a significant composer like Henry Krieger does not hesitate at all to say that yes, Charice did better than the original.

InDepth InterView: Henry Krieger Talks LUCKY DUCK, DREAMGIRLS, SIDE SHOW...

Recently, noted composer Henry Krieger was generous enough to take a comprehensive look back at his many accomplishments onstage and onscreen, turning back the pages of time and sharing memories of DREAMGIRLS...

PC: Charice did “Listen” from the DREAMGIRLS film on GLEE to much acclaim last year - she has done this column, as well, actually.

HK: Oh, yeah - I love her! Her version is better than the original.
That's a wonderful compliment from a great composer to a great singer.

To it I'll just add that it's not only that Charice sings it better. Even more than this, she has a very, very beautiful voice that sounds rich & deep in whatever song genre. And her performances are always passionate. I think this is a rare combination in singers, especially these days.

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