Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Charice Rising To The Top With Her Own Unique Identity

Similar to other posts I had written, this started as a comment on another page, Charice on CNN, Her Best Interview So Far – Fans, after which I found myself wanting to write some more - yes, even if I had already posted something previously on the same CNN Talk Asia interview: Random thoughts on Charice: She is a wonderful inspiration.

At her young age, Charice already promotes and supports other young talents:
Charice with Arjohn Gilbert during rehearsals for the concert "Christmas With Charice", Dec 2, 2011, Resorts World Manila. Recognizing Arjohn's talent, Charice invited him to join her concert where they sang "Pyramid". "Christmas With Charice" will be shown on TV5, Dec 11, 2011.

Congratulations to Charice for all she has achieved so far. And yes, you're right, she still has got so much to offer the world - she's extremely talented and continues to grow and expand her horizons as an artist; plus, she's got such a positive, generous and sensible attitude towards life that we actually learn from what this young person says and does.

Those who want to change her looks, want her thinner, or dressed up like the rest of today's pop artists are stuck on mere appearances. People who think and aspire like this are here today, gone tomorrow. They're fleeting images.

Charice has got the two most fundamental and important things covered: talent and character. And, she's pretty too. She's climbing to the top at her own pace, with her own unique identity, and she'll be staying there for a long, long time.


  1. Could not agree with you more. Talent that is based on superficial elements and has no substance is fleeting. Talent with substance (and Charice has plenty of that) = longevity.

  2. Yes, she is unique in her own little way.She does'nt need to dress up just to please other people.Her mere talent will take her everywhere.Her generosity of sharing her blessings with other people makes her more loved by me and Chaster's around the world.