Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random thoughts on Charice: She is a wonderful inspiration

Cried with Cha when she talked about her dad. All her life, she was missing him and then the unexpected happened weeks after this interview... anybody else would have been crushed by the fact of never seeing happen the family reconciliation she must have been yearning for.

But Charice is incredibly brave. I guess it's the faith and love in her heart that keep her up and let her always see the beauty in her life and in the world.

She is an incredibly loving daughter. Who else would have thought of dedicating the song "You Are So Beautiful" to a dad? I love my own father dearly and I know the song but dedicating this to him never occurred to me. Now that Charice did it for her dad - and the way she sang it, looking towards heaven and so full of yearning - it was just perfect.

Charice the person is Charice the artist, and she expresses her deepest emotions in the most natural way through her singing. We are so lucky to be on the receiving end of it.

Charice, your extraordinary talent, your heart of gold, your faith in God, and your love for your family make you a wonderful inspiration. Thank you. I hope you find solace in our love and support.

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