Saturday, June 16, 2012

Martin Nievera on Charice as X Factor Judge: "She's always right"

In an interview posted on Philippine Entertainment Portal, X Factor Philippines judge Martin Nievera commented on Charice as a fellow judge:
WHY CHARICE? Sa pagsisimula ng X Factor Philippines, isa sa nakuwestiyon ay ang pagkakapili kay Charice dahil napakabata pa raw nito maging judge at parang kulang pa sa kaalaman kahit pa nga naging international singer na ito. (As X Factor Philippines begins, one of the things that has been questioned is the choice of Charice as one of the judges since she is deemed too young to be a judge and apparently lacks experience even if she is already an international singer.)

Dinepensa naman agad ito sa amin ni Martin. (Martin immediately defended her.)

“Feeling ko yun ang unang mararamdaman ng tao... Pero pag dating sa lasa ng music, sa bagong tunog, sa bagong beat, mas lamang si Charice sa lahat. (I feel that's the people's first impression... But when it comes to knowing music, the new sound, the new beat, Charice has the edge over everyone.)

"She’s been through David Foster, recording with RNB, hip hop and the rappers of the world, so [she knows] what's new.

"We’re looking for that  X Factor, yung buong package na hindi lang magaling kumanta.(...the one with the complete package, not just the one who sings well.)

"We’re looking for that certain something na di puwedeng i-define, dun magaling si Charice. (...that can't be defined, that's where Charice is good at.)

"She knows when she is being fooled, she knows when parang kaboses ni ganito, ni ganyan," ayon kay Martin. (...when someone sounds like this or that singer, according to Martin.)

"Alam na alam niya (She knows it so well...), parang she’s been there, done that and yet she’s so young.

"Tita Pilita on one end, Charice on the other.

"Gary and I are in the middle.  So it’s nice to watch X Factor, I hope everybody watches it, June 23 na ang start.

“Actually sa lahat ng mga judges, favorite ko si Charice kasi parang alam niyang mag-judge talaga, magaling siyang mag-decide. (Among all the judges, Charice is my favorite because she really seems to know how to judge, she decides really well.)

"Kung may kaunting friction sa mga judges, ang deciding factor ay si Charice. (Whenever there's a bit of friction among the judges, Charice is the deciding factor) Can you believe that? Siya kasi, she’s always right. (It's because she's always right.)

Below is the latest X Factor Philippines teaser:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lyrics (partial) of Parachute by Charice

Is the song "Parachute" going to be part of the US/International edition of Charice's Infinity album? I hope so, it sounds great!

Someone uploaded a teaser on YouTube but it can't be embedded so just follow the link here:

(Chasters, please correct and/or fill in the blank)

I know you wanna play it safe babe
but love wants you to risk it all
go up against the wall
go ahead jump over the edge
my heart plus head
close your eyes and faaall

i would never let you down
never touch the ground
we'll be in the air
and I'll keep you there
take my hand, promise not to turn it loose
when I jump, you jump, we jump
we won't need no parachute

get closer to me and I'll jump with you
if you believe in us, we're gonna prove
we don't need no parachute

I'm learning now
just freefalling in love, yeah me and you
if you believe in us, we're gonna prove
we don't need no parachute

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vote Charice: Female Singer of the Year

VOTE NOW for Charice as Female Singer of the Year in the OMG Awards 2012:

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