Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charice, bask in your Chasters' love!

Bask in your Chasters' love & support!

Don't mind the haters. Haters are like dogs tied to a tree - all they can do is bark that's why they get so frustrated. So just let them bark all they want.

Just keep on doing what you do best and what you love: singing, dancing, acting, working hard at what you want to achieve, and above all, being yourself. This is how you inspire us. Please don't think that you have to be different from who you are in order to be appreciated. Those who don't want to appreciate you simply don't deserve you. As you said, God created you to share your music and your gifts with the world. Thank you for doing that, Charice.

Keep the faith and keep the love burning!

1 comment:

  1. I love this article, this gives justice to the many people Chasters or not but love Charice as an artist/singer. No one in their right minds should be telling Cahrice waht/how to sing sing, dress, hair styles etc etc. Just imagine, would we have Charice now if it was/is not because she is herself who sahres her reare talents in the world. God forbids what she would be like if she start being what we want her to be? She's not only going to be crazy which and what to do becuase each one of us have different opinion and expectations as if we have the right to?

    Good on you inkheart, I wish people just get inspired and appreciate the God given gift in the person of Charice. Her story from the beginning (a little town in Phils) to where she is now with Oprah David F Celine etc by her side/ support is nothing short of a miracle.