Monday, June 6, 2011

Wear Orange for Charice's Team Orange

First, vote Orange:
Next, wear Orange:
It simply started when I tweeted that I'll just imagine myself there with Charice at her Lifesavers Gummies Team Orange campaign on June 14 since I won't be able to go. A fellow Chaster replied that I should wear orange to feel the event more. I thought it was cool and another Chaster thought so too... and another, and another, until several Chasters – mostly those who won't be able to go – wanted to join in. So why not? I mean, what's a team if it's members aren't wearing the same color, right?

So here's a simple plan and all Chasters are invited to join, whether or not you'll be able to attend Charice's June 14 event: we can all wear orange and have our pictures taken, then we can ask one of our artistic Chasters to edit and put them all together to make a collage or something. We can give it to Charice in time for June 14.
Deadline for submission of pictures: June 10
If you like the idea, upload your pictures now and post the link here or send it directly to @beda026 on Twitter (or send it to her in some other way you prefer) so she can collect them all and pass it to our Chaster editor.

Hurry, we only have a week to work on this! Summer's hardly a season for giving gifts but Charice herself is more than enough reason to give her one, don't you think so?

Note: I'm I already sending sent my pic to @beda026 :)

Update: @beda026 has already received several pix of Chasters wearing orange. If you haven't sent yours yet, send it now so our Chaster editor can start working :) 
Deadline for submission of pictures: June 10 

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