Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charice and Lifesavers Gummies "Orange" campaign with the Chasters

Our Chaster editor (@aka_java on Twitter) has released this cool Team Charice - Team Orange photo collage, a gift for Charice and in support of her Lifesavers Gummies Orange campaign.

A million thanks to @SweetyCj for initiating the "wear orange" idea, to @beda026 for working hard to promote it, to all the Chasters who joined and supported this little project, to Charicemania for helping promote it, to @aka_java who's not only a genius in design but also in writing, and of course, to Charice who inspires us all.

Click above to see it at twitpic.
Click here to download high resolution.

Want more of Charice and Team Orange?

Watch this video that was uploaded by one of the lucky Chasters who was able to attend Charice's Lifesavers event at NYC on June 14. You'll love seeing Charice just being herself and enjoying with Chasters.

Lastly, below are a couple of quotes from feedback of the above event (see full comments on; emphasis mine):


I had a great time too. Just to meet, talk, and be close to Charice once again with the added bonus of meeting and mingling with the faithful and wonderful Chasters – jimfan, Loel, Lantao and so many others is another memorable event in my book. Guys, you are all so beautiful. As Jim said, there is nothing to be concerned about Charice in spite of some of the unsavory comments about her. Except for being an adult at nineteen, Charice has not changed a bit. She is the same bubbly, playful, down-to-earth girl we all learned to love and adore all these years – still kind of a kid at heart.

I also had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with David Foster who I thanked again for taking care of our Princess. He professed his love and respect for the Filipino people. And Oh, yes! A little scoop here and this is no BS….. David said to me that DF&F will be back to Mandalay Bay in October and Manila in November! Start to make your plans now, folks!


Just got back from the Life Savers event and Charice was as fun loving and smiling as ever, and available to all that attended...

...After game time, Charice went to the dj booth and encouraged people to dance, but all we wanted was to be around her. No real live performance but playful sing a long to some of her songs and other upbeat ones.

Then onto the signing corner where she signed one item for everyone... Then it was fairwell but the best meet and greet I have attended. I love this girl soooo much. Btw, nothing to worry about her appearance – she is beautiful and her management team is top notch.

It was great to share this day with you, Charice, in the different ways we could. Here's looking forward to seeing you more. Good luck and we love you!

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  1. Thanks for this blog! I love reading this post. The layout of your page is great, pleasing to the eye. Great job! -twestj

  2. Thanks, twestj - for Charice and Chasters :)