Friday, June 3, 2011

Tagalog phrases for Charice's non-Tagalog-speaking fans

It can be so frustrating getting lost hearing a foreign language, especially when you really want to express yourself and all you can do is say, uhmmm... and end up just smiling in answer to everything.

So, for Chasters who want to know more about Charice's native tongue, here are some phrases you can start with. They are regular, not colloquial, Tagalog phrases. If you're going to tweet them to Charice, I suggest you say your nationality so she can appreciate your efforts more, like "I'm Brazilian. Mahal kita, Charice!" :)

I'll add more phrases when I can, or Tagalog-speaking Chasters can also add their own :)

  1. Mahal kita - I love you
  2. Ang galing mo / Ang galing-galing mo - You're good / You're really good
  3. Tagahanga mo ako - I'm your fan
  4. Punta ka dito sa ____ - Come to _____ (your country/city/etc)
  5. Maganda ka / Ang ganda mo (Ang ganda-ganda mo) - You're beautiful (You're very beautiful)
  6. Mabuhay ka - Long live / More power
  7. Chaster magpakailanman - Chaster forever
  8. Chaster ako - I'm a Chaster
  9. Kahanga-hanga ka - You're amazing / You're admirable
  10. Sino'ng nasa puso niyo? Si Sunshine! - Who's in your heart? Sunshine!
  11. Ikaw ang pinakamagaling - You're the best
  12. Nandito kami, maaasahan mo - We're here and you can count on us
  13. Gustong-gusto ko ang "Louder"  - I really like or I love "Louder" (or whatever Charice song)
  14. Ikaw na - You're the one


  1. No 9 kahanga-hanga literally means 'you're admirable'

  2. Thanks for the input - I already included it in the post :)

  3. You should upload a vid so they can nlisten/hear the sound of the word. Just a suggestion

  4. @JhoraineChaster Great idea! Will try to do that :)

  5. Thank you for this, its going to be a great help! Ikaw ang pinakamagaling