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Charice - Isn't she adorable?

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You've got the sweetest, biggest heart Charice!

On the domestic violence she witnessed in her childhood (this is not an exact transcription of Charice's reply during her press conference in Singapore today):
Until now it's still hard for me. Every single person wants a happy family, a complete family. I'm happy that I have my mom and my brother but it would really be amazing if I had my dad. It still affects me everytime I remember; when I see something that reminds me about it. Sometimes I miss my dad, sometimes I feel like I don't wanna see him. But I still wanna thank him because I'm here and he's my dad... So I'm still thankful but at the same time I just wish that all the things that happened to me in the past didn't happen.
Everyone suffers hurt in this life, some more than others - like you, Charice. Yet God has blessed you with such a forgiving heart - what can be sweeter and bigger than that? And truly, this is an inspiration for all of us. A line in a film comes to my mind: Nothing can change the past, but forgiveness can change the future.

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"The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco" by Phil Bolsta

Anyone who has only begun to follow Charice would appreciate even more her story and achievements by reading this series of blog posts by Phil Bolsta. (He was the one who wrote "Meet Charice" for

Actually, any Chaster will surely love reading and rereading these posts since they chronicle Charice's young and very eventful life. It also contains many of her interviews, as well as an interview with FalseVoice, the person who was the first to upload Charice's videos on YouTube and introduced her to the world through the Internet.

The readers' comments are also amazing; they are real testimonies of how much Charice has inspired so many people with her life and her voice.

Below are excerpts from The Soaring Spirit of Charice Pempengco:
I just wanted to give you a little background about why I am so impressed with Filipino Charice Pempengco, who was sixteen years old when I first encountered her. What a gift to be able to express such a great talent at such a young age. I love the way she pours her entire soul into her performance and sings with such power and authenticity, such joy and abandon. Ah, if only we all could express our unique gifts so magnificently!

Charice represents the kind of world we all pray for when we close our eyes and dare to dream. That may sound like an enormous and unreasonable burden to place on the shoulders of a sixteen-year-old girl, but ultimately, it is not how she shows up in the world that matters so much, it is how her joyous spirit touches us, lifts us up, makes us believe in not only her goodness but our own. Charice is far more than just a teenage girl, she is a force of nature. Her mere presence in this world blesses us and makes us strong...

...Going through such tough times can bring a normal person to their knees. Charice, however, viewed her challenges as a command to rise. Every day that her family struggled only strengthened her resolve to succeed. She was also on a personal mission. If you think that everyone immediately recognized Charice’s amazing talent and radiant beauty, think again.

    "Some people are saying that I’m not good enough and that I’m not pretty. But I wanted to prove that they’re wrong."

...In Charcie’s interview on Rated K, Korina Sanchez asked her what she would like to tell other Filipino children who are struggling:

    "I’m not very different from them. That’s also the same experience that I have gone through. There will be a time when you think of giving up, because you’re tired, but don’t, if you’re really holding on to that dream. Because if that’s really your dream, and you persevere, you will surely reach it."

>>>Read more

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Text of "Show People: 'Miss Saigon' Broadway Legend Lea Salonga on Charice, Glee..."

One of the outstanding things about Charice is how her colleagues in the entertainment industry, especially the big and established ones, are so open about their admiration for Charice and her talent.

I think it can all be very simply explained: it takes someone who is sure and confident of his/her own talent and success to recognize another such talent, no matter if younger in age or in years in the business.

Lea Salonga, a Filipino of international fame especially in Broadway, is one example. I've tried to transcribe what she said about Charice in her interview at

Show People with Paul Wontorek, Editor-in-Chief
(Lea talking about Charice starts at 12:52 of the full video linked above)
Paul Wontorek: I want to ask you sort of a random question. What do you think of Charice?

Lea Salonga: She's wonderful.

Paul: She's from the Philippines.

Lea: She's from the Philippines. Yes, we proudly own her. We will proudly own her and, you know, obviously none of us can take any credit for her talent and for her ability and for her skill. That's really just hers, and her mom's, and her family's, and everybody that's trained her and taught her to do what she does. But you have an entire country who is just proud of this, of this young woman. I mean she's been on Glee. I mean she's doing concerts, she's toured the country with David Foster. I mean she's got the whole world open to her. It's pretty damn awesome.

Paul: It reminds me when you were that age... So have you met her?

Lea: Oh yeah, and we've actually sang together a couple of times. She's just amazing. Amazing singer and amazing musicality, so... she has no problems getting to where she wants to go. She'll do just fine.

Paul: So maybe you should like play her mom on Glee or something.

Lea: Well that's really up to the people at Glee.

What's transcribed above is also included in another video compilation of Lea Salonga interviews wherein Lea praises Charice. Thanks to jamie34peters for uploading it on YouTube:

Journeying with Charice (2011)

Since I've been a Chaster for just a little over six months, I'm trying to catch up with everything about Charice - songs, articles, photos, videos, etc. Hers is an incredible journey every Chaster is privileged to watch and be a part of.

I'm listing here links to and excerpts of articles about her. I plan to go back as far as the earliest article about her that I can find, making a series for each year. I begin with my recent reads:

I have moved this post to its own page:
Journeying with Charice 2011

Charice, here are my faves of your most recent pics

@ #oneday video shoot!!!! Ready for the dance break? Charice talks 'Glee,' new album, and... shares her best Justin Bieber impression -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO pic of my manager and I from yesterday rehearsal for #OneDay music video. Yep! I'm the female version of him. Ha!!

Charice, One Day, I'll also have a photo with you :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updated: Charice's 2011 event in Singapore

(June 28) Here's a photo of Charice tweeted about by Mr Willy Foo ("Photographer, Marketer, Technopreneur, Geek") from Singapore:
Charice Pempengco, the 19 year old singing sensation from Glee
In his Facebook album where he posted the above, Mr Foo mentioned that the event "was a corporate party where she did a special guest appearance". Thanks, Mr Willy Foo for sharing this wonderful photo!

(June 25, LA time) Charice arrives at the LAX airport after her Singapore-Tokyo, Tokyo-LA flight. Just like in Singapore, Chasters welcome her at the airport.

(June 25) Still no news about where Charice and the band performed last night though we can expect that it was roof-blowing, knowing Cha's performance level each time. Based on this single tweet around seven this morning, it seems they are going back to Los Angeles today.
Going home.... ahhhhh Los Angeles, how I miss you.
Here's wishing Charice will pass by the Philippines so she can enjoy a bit of time with her mother and brother. Have a safe trip, Charice and the whole band!

(June 24) Charice Back in Town
I only found out that she was back in town when one of the many journalists who tweet, tweeted while attending the press conference at her hotel. Manfred and I decided to check it out later in the evening and Charice finally emerged at about 10, dressed in black and surrounded by her entourage.
(June 24) More updates of Charice in Singapore are coming in through Twitter and YouTube:
Charice Press Conference on RazorTV (below is the link to a Youtube playlist):
@TroyLaureta: My boss, Ms. Pempengco! She's cooler than cool! :)
More tweets from Troy:
(At around 8pm today) Show Tonight with @OfficialCharice. Let's do it, ya'll!!!!!!

(Around 6pm) Had a hilarious soundcheck with the band and Ms. Pempengco! Good times!!! Should I post a video?
Candid interview of Charice uploaded on YouTube by ElectricNewPaper:
Karaoke tip from Charice: "If you're a guy, you really shouldn't be singing my song .."

Charice on who her favourite person from Glee is

More coming on their website:
Charice Pempengco LIVE @ St. Regis Singapore with Power98 FM! (Photo album)

(June 24) This is so much fun, constantly updating this post with the tweets and photos from Chasters and Singaporeans who've had the luck of meeting Charice! The mystery remains, where will she perform?

Above: Courtesy of Singapore's Radio 91.3
(June 24) Charice's corporate show and press conference today in Singapore:
Photo courtesy of Singapore's Power98 FM
Radio_913 Radio 91.3 Singapore:
Is At Charice Press Conference With Boy Thunder!
Photo courtesy of Singapore's Radio 91.3 Facebook page
enewsasia E! News Asia:
So what are you waiting for? Tweet us your questions for @OfficialCharice and you might just get them answered!

Show today w/ Charice. Gonna be dope!

In the same Corporate gig today with Charice. But wish I was singing with her!
Above info's not yet confirmed though.
It seems this won't be the venue of Charice's show as can be implied from another tweet from Troy "no... not the arena".

(June 23) More tweets and photos of Charice's arrival (from Singaporean Chasters):
ChariceSING said: When taking the group photo, Charice didnt notice my friend I were behind her at first. When she did, she said 'waitwaitwait!' & adjusted herself properly & put her arm around me to make me feel I belonged there. A true testament of how kind her heart is. That was the first time we came into contact! My heart melted cus she was so nice.
See more photos shared by ChariceSing here.

On YouTube (Also:

Uploaded by capofret23 (from approx. 0:18-1:24 were blacked out by the uploader; see description on YT)

CAPOFRET: lol ok here again @OfficialCharice at changi airport
Sorry chasters. Batt is dying & I'm outside. I'll reply later. I rly don't wna brag abt anyth, so I'll just say, Charice was super nice :)

@OfficialCharice thanks for being sooo nice to us!!! have fun here in Singapore. We labyo labyo! :D

Singapore chasters good job!! We all met Charice :) she was sooo nice! So nice! The band too!

Tweets from Chrice's band:
(June 20) Last rehearsal for @officialcharice tomorrow. Let's make it amazing!! :)

(June 16) Rehearsal time with @OfficialCharice and the band! Are YOU ready!!!!????

(June 20) Bedtime. Crazy day tomorrow. Final rehearsal w/ @OfficialCharice. Getting ready to move into a new place. Packing. Laundry. Hectic!

(June 17) Off to rehearsal w/ the Charice band. Dope arrangements, tight groove, epic rock. Singapore's gonna be slammin!

Original post:

After Charice mentioned in her interview about going to Singapore, we've all been excited to know more about it.

Last year, she was part of the David Foster and Friends concert featured in the 2010 Singapore Sun Festival. For 2011, below is all the information I could find on Charice in Singapore, perhaps because it will be "available for corporate bookings only".

Write-up above says:
Described by Oprah Winfrey as “The Most Talented Girl in the World” and David Foster’s most recent extraordinary young artist, Charice leaves audiences stunned at her richly developed voice which is often compared to Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. With a profound, rich and soaring voice, this 18-year old singer leaves her audiences literally gasping. Available for corporate bookings only.

Below is another page from the same newsletter:

HITMAN David Foster & Friends returns for a second Asian Tour in October / November 2011 following a successful Asian tour last year. David and his friends including Natalie Cole, Charice, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard and The Canadian Tenors performed to sold out houses in Tokyo, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta and Singapore in 2010.

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Charice and Lifesavers Gummies "Orange" campaign with the Chasters

Our Chaster editor (@aka_java on Twitter) has released this cool Team Charice - Team Orange photo collage, a gift for Charice and in support of her Lifesavers Gummies Orange campaign.

A million thanks to @SweetyCj for initiating the "wear orange" idea, to @beda026 for working hard to promote it, to all the Chasters who joined and supported this little project, to Charicemania for helping promote it, to @aka_java who's not only a genius in design but also in writing, and of course, to Charice who inspires us all.

Click above to see it at twitpic.
Click here to download high resolution.

Want more of Charice and Team Orange?

Watch this video that was uploaded by one of the lucky Chasters who was able to attend Charice's Lifesavers event at NYC on June 14. You'll love seeing Charice just being herself and enjoying with Chasters.

Lastly, below are a couple of quotes from feedback of the above event (see full comments on; emphasis mine):


I had a great time too. Just to meet, talk, and be close to Charice once again with the added bonus of meeting and mingling with the faithful and wonderful Chasters – jimfan, Loel, Lantao and so many others is another memorable event in my book. Guys, you are all so beautiful. As Jim said, there is nothing to be concerned about Charice in spite of some of the unsavory comments about her. Except for being an adult at nineteen, Charice has not changed a bit. She is the same bubbly, playful, down-to-earth girl we all learned to love and adore all these years – still kind of a kid at heart.

I also had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with David Foster who I thanked again for taking care of our Princess. He professed his love and respect for the Filipino people. And Oh, yes! A little scoop here and this is no BS….. David said to me that DF&F will be back to Mandalay Bay in October and Manila in November! Start to make your plans now, folks!


Just got back from the Life Savers event and Charice was as fun loving and smiling as ever, and available to all that attended...

...After game time, Charice went to the dj booth and encouraged people to dance, but all we wanted was to be around her. No real live performance but playful sing a long to some of her songs and other upbeat ones.

Then onto the signing corner where she signed one item for everyone... Then it was fairwell but the best meet and greet I have attended. I love this girl soooo much. Btw, nothing to worry about her appearance – she is beautiful and her management team is top notch.

It was great to share this day with you, Charice, in the different ways we could. Here's looking forward to seeing you more. Good luck and we love you!

Continue voting for Orange!

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Wear Orange for Charice's Team Orange

First, vote Orange:
Next, wear Orange:
It simply started when I tweeted that I'll just imagine myself there with Charice at her Lifesavers Gummies Team Orange campaign on June 14 since I won't be able to go. A fellow Chaster replied that I should wear orange to feel the event more. I thought it was cool and another Chaster thought so too... and another, and another, until several Chasters – mostly those who won't be able to go – wanted to join in. So why not? I mean, what's a team if it's members aren't wearing the same color, right?

So here's a simple plan and all Chasters are invited to join, whether or not you'll be able to attend Charice's June 14 event: we can all wear orange and have our pictures taken, then we can ask one of our artistic Chasters to edit and put them all together to make a collage or something. We can give it to Charice in time for June 14.
Deadline for submission of pictures: June 10
If you like the idea, upload your pictures now and post the link here or send it directly to @beda026 on Twitter (or send it to her in some other way you prefer) so she can collect them all and pass it to our Chaster editor.

Hurry, we only have a week to work on this! Summer's hardly a season for giving gifts but Charice herself is more than enough reason to give her one, don't you think so?

Note: I'm I already sending sent my pic to @beda026 :)

Update: @beda026 has already received several pix of Chasters wearing orange. If you haven't sent yours yet, send it now so our Chaster editor can start working :) 
Deadline for submission of pictures: June 10 

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Charice's Team Orange Lifesavers Gummies - redesigned logo

Just love this avatar created by @aka_java of Twitter. Update: She already uploaded the big version on Twitpic -

Will write more text later. Below's the link where you can vote for Team Orange as the new Lifesavers gummies:

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Tagalog phrases for Charice's non-Tagalog-speaking fans

It can be so frustrating getting lost hearing a foreign language, especially when you really want to express yourself and all you can do is say, uhmmm... and end up just smiling in answer to everything.

So, for Chasters who want to know more about Charice's native tongue, here are some phrases you can start with. They are regular, not colloquial, Tagalog phrases. If you're going to tweet them to Charice, I suggest you say your nationality so she can appreciate your efforts more, like "I'm Brazilian. Mahal kita, Charice!" :)

I'll add more phrases when I can, or Tagalog-speaking Chasters can also add their own :)

  1. Mahal kita - I love you
  2. Ang galing mo / Ang galing-galing mo - You're good / You're really good
  3. Tagahanga mo ako - I'm your fan
  4. Punta ka dito sa ____ - Come to _____ (your country/city/etc)
  5. Maganda ka / Ang ganda mo (Ang ganda-ganda mo) - You're beautiful (You're very beautiful)
  6. Mabuhay ka - Long live / More power
  7. Chaster magpakailanman - Chaster forever
  8. Chaster ako - I'm a Chaster
  9. Kahanga-hanga ka - You're amazing / You're admirable
  10. Sino'ng nasa puso niyo? Si Sunshine! - Who's in your heart? Sunshine!
  11. Ikaw ang pinakamagaling - You're the best
  12. Nandito kami, maaasahan mo - We're here and you can count on us
  13. Gustong-gusto ko ang "Louder"  - I really like or I love "Louder" (or whatever Charice song)
  14. Ikaw na - You're the one

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charice, bask in your Chasters' love!

Bask in your Chasters' love & support!

Don't mind the haters. Haters are like dogs tied to a tree - all they can do is bark that's why they get so frustrated. So just let them bark all they want.

Just keep on doing what you do best and what you love: singing, dancing, acting, working hard at what you want to achieve, and above all, being yourself. This is how you inspire us. Please don't think that you have to be different from who you are in order to be appreciated. Those who don't want to appreciate you simply don't deserve you. As you said, God created you to share your music and your gifts with the world. Thank you for doing that, Charice.

Keep the faith and keep the love burning!