Saturday, July 2, 2011

Will Charice / Sunshine Corazon be back or not on Glee's Season 3?

Charice singing Telephone, Glee Season 2, Episode 1
Piecing together here my recent tweets and comments posted elsewhere on the "news" that's been spreading over the internet, that is, that Charice apparently will not be appearing anymore in Glee's Season 3.

I may have missed out on it, but I have been looking for any news that quotes or shows Glee creator Ryan Murphy actually saying that and I have not found any. The only article I found stated that Ryan Murphy said there won't be "guest stars" in Glee's next season. That's quite different.
Charice singing Listen, Glee Season 2, Episode 1
Though I personally prefer not to see Charice tied to a TV show, I have a feeling that, yes, Charice will not be coming back as a guest star in Glee, but only because she'll be part of the regular cast.
Charice interview, Glee Season 2, Episode17
Having guested in only three non-consecutive episodes, Charice made such a strong impact on Glee. Each of the three episodes were highly anticipated and talked about. I would say Charice and Glee mutually benefited from that. Charice gained more exposure among a younger audience worldwide and Glee made more news and gained more viewers having a real young diva to watch out for: she outsang everyone in the show.
Charice singing As Long As You're There, Glee Season 2, Episode22
The Charice-Glee affair was nice while it lasted. If Charice truly will not be back, it will just mark the end of one chapter in order to begin another. It will be time to move on, especially for Charice. She’ll have her hands fuller than they already are with a sophomore international album, tours, and films. And Glee does need to tighten its storyline – its actors can only perform as well as the story will allow them.

Good luck to both Charice and Glee!

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