Thursday, July 21, 2011

Will Charice and the One Day Music Video appear at the Teen Choice Awards 2011?

Look at this news from the Teen Choice Awards site:

In this year's TCA, Charice is not among the nominees (at least the last time I checked). Earlier today on Twitter, when asked about her appearing as a performer, she replied:
No, I won't perform. hummmm....

When another Chaster asked if she will be the Acuvue Inspire awardee, she said no:
Neither.... hahahhaa

Finally, when the same Chaster just expressed her hope that Charice will come out at the event, Charice replied:
Who knows... just might appear like a mushroom (meaning, unexpectedly) again. :))

Charice really knows how to keep Chasters in suspense. Well, I think Chasters do not mind at all. We enjoy looking forward to Cha's many surprises!

In case the Teen Choice Awards page has changed content, below's a screenshot:

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