Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updating (First) Photos & Videos of Charice in David Foster & Friends in Napa Valley

July 19: Charice had a tweet party some 12 hours ago. Chasters and even new followers had the time of their lives being replied to by Charice! As we know she's very busy, and that's great for her career, but let's also hope she's getting enough rest. Take care of yourself, Charice!

Videos with best video and audio quality I have found so far:

Other uploads:

Charice - David Foster & Friends: Napa Valley - July 16, 2011

Charice 07-16-2011 Napa, California Part 1 of 3:
Charice 07/16/2011 Napa, California Part 2 of 3:
Charice 07/16/2011 Napa, California Part 3 of 3:

Charice - The Bodyguard Medley at Robert Mondavi Winery

Playlist (by char1cemania):
Here are some of the earliest uploaded photos and videos of Charice in the David Foster & Friends concert held today in the Napa Valley Festival del Sole at the Robert Mondavi Winery.

See her standing on top of the piano?
As expected, Charice's performance was awesome, amazing, incredible, and whatever other superlatives can be thought of as shared by those who witnessed it live. See how she got the crowd up on stage!

Lovely Charice

Whether in Napa Valley or not, Chasters were all worked up just the same for Charice's live performance. At the same time, however, there have been a tweet or two of some disappointment. One is, why didn't Charice sing her new songs instead of David Foster's which are old? I think a tweet from eve marie of Charicemania explains it succinctly: It's a David Foster concert in the wine country, featuring Charice, not a solo radio promo. It's appropriate to sing his songs.

Also, I would add, DFF concert-goers love David Foster's songs and they are more than happy to hear these beautiful songs being sung live again by someone who, as David himself expressed, can do them justice.

Just before Charice got on stage
Another comment was, why the same songs as in the DFF of last year? I think it's because it's the first time for DFF with Charice in Napa Valley so it's but right to assume that for most of the audience, it was their first time to hear her sing those songs (or to hear her sing for that matter). So, don't worry, we can expect a new DFF repertoire when the concert goes back to Las Vegas and to Asia this year.

A closer look at Charice singing "I Will Survive" on top of the piano

Another key factor, I think, for the choice of songs is that DFF concert-goers are not Charice's age, to which her new songs are marketed. DFF audience is of an older age bracket and it is exactly to their music preference that her songs today have been chosen to match. For Charice, it was a matter of first winning over this audience (and did she win them) before winning them to her new songs.

Let me clarify though that those whose comments I cited above are far from crabs or haters; they are Chasters who sincerely expressed what they felt, and they felt that way because they only wanted the best for Charice. I mention it here because they are interesting points.

Last thought: Even if I have only seen a sound check of her singing "To Love You More" and a 31-second video of her "I Will Survive", it's mind-blowing how she actually sang them even better than last year which I thought was already awesome! Even if the videos are not of high quality, you can already note how her voice has grown even more beautiful - more mature and fuller. Really, Charice is an unending source of amazement!

Sound check: Charice, "To Love You More"


Charice followed by Japanese crew during rehearsals. -Seems it's the NHK Songs crew.

Charice at R Mondavi rehearsal. -Cool.

Arm wrestling while waiting to sing.
-In the Billboard Q&A last year, Charice said she prepares for a performance by playing around.

See the killer heel?

Closeup look in DFF concert at Napa Valley! =]

Charice standing ON David Foster's piano singing I will survive.
Crowd is going nuts!!


  1. Thanks for the update. As a die-hard fan, ive been waiting for this kind of stuffs. damn im so flat without charice things!

  2. My pleasure to pass on what others have shared too :)

  3. I like your article...I like your whole site actually. I agree with you about the comments you cited. Keep on writing! :) --- twestj

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, twestj! :)