Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waiting for Charice's "One Day" Music Video

It's out! Charice first tweeted about it on July 28, pointing to AOL Music then she uploaded it on her official YouTube channel.

10 Things I Like About Charice's One Day Music Video

July 21: Charice had a tweet party about six hours ago and made another mention of the most-awaited One Day MV:
I'm looking for that OneDayMV. It's hiding under my bed. Tsk. Doesn't want to come out yet.

Here's Charice's latest tweet about the One Day music video:
The OneDayMv is just somewhere there hiding... lol
To calm the restlessness of waiting for Charice's music video for "One Day", this Chaster has been visiting and revisiting related news, photos and videos. Now I'm not sure if indeed the effect has been calming or it's just making me more excited to see the "One Day" official music video and watch Charice shine in her dance moves.

Charice's tweet on July 12

Charice and Nick Jonas "One Day" Behind The Scene Go Behind the Scenes with Charice and Nick Jonas?! You Don’t Have to Ask Us Twice (Video)

JustJaredJr: Nick Jonas & Charice: 'One Day' Playback Pair Charice & Nick Jonas Joke Around In The Studio While Making ‘One Day!'

Shooting the music video
@ #oneday video shoot!!!! Ready for the dance break? pic of my manager and I from yesterday rehearsal for #OneDay music video. Yep! I'm the female version of him. Ha!!

Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 1: Finding her voice

Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 2: A star on YouTube -
Charice's 1•DAY story, Part 3: My big dreams -

MTV: Nick Jonas Says Writing 'One Day' For Charice Was 'Organic'

Behind the scenes recording of "One Day" by Charice with Nick Jonas

Charice - "One Day" Official Lyric Video

Let "One Day" be today, Charice!

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