Friday, August 12, 2011

So proud of you, Charice!

Between work and not having immediate internet access the past nine days (oh, and getting sick), I just want to say that I am trying to catch up with what's been happening with you, Charice, or better said, catching up with the waves you've been creating lately.

To get quick news, I of course checked out Charicemania and ChariceTVCrew. Wow, it was so good to see you again, Cha, even if only in YouTube :)

You'll always be exciting to watch because your events are never only about one thing, and much less only about projecting and keeping an image. This list of links is more for me and for some others who might be a bit behind too on ChaNews:

Mentoring a teen on how to reach her dreams 

Presenting the Acuvue Inspire Award at the Teen Choice Awards

Aiming for quality for your second international album

Flying off to Japan to promote "As Far As the Sky"

Tracing a poor, talented Filipino boy's whereabouts!/OfficialCharice/status/99697845665402880

Let me just say again that what I find outstanding in all these news is that you always stood out as yourself. Can't express it so well but let me just say that I'm so proud of you because in all these you were you, living your dreams, sharing it out, happy too over other's successes, working so hard (you better get more sleep though, girl), singing live so beautifully, and converting your Chasters into online and real-time detectives to search for a poor talented boy who you want to help reach his own dreams.

As you gain more success, there will naturally also be more critics. But let those who want to mold you according to their stereotyped ideas of what a successful pop artist should look, sound and act be frustrated. I love the way you are, especially the way you hold on to your own values in the way you live your life, share your talents, and even in the way you dress. I found it so refreshing that, when you were asked in your interview with Hollywoodlife who you were wearing, you did not have a ready answer - that told me that you were not overly concerned about what designer clothes you had to be wearing. It showed an attitude of I'll-be-fashionable-but-I-won't-be-a-slave-to-fashion. By the way, you looked adorably gorgeous at the TCA and presented the Acuvue Inspire award so well.

"She's so strong and confident", was one YT comment I read about your appearance at the TCA. I agree. I hope you continue what you're doing: focusing on what's really important - honing and sharing your talents, getting exposure in different media so as to further expand your versatility, learning from the established professionals you collaborate with. Very smart on your part not to waste time and energy competing with other teens in Hollywood's love, beauty, and sexy departments. I say your being true to yourself is in fact what makes your natural beauty and extraordinary talents shine out even more. I love seeing you earn the admiration and respect of your more established colleagues in the industry and how you're gaining more popularity among teens.

So proud of you, Charice, because you are not just playing up to an image to gain a quick moment's stardom. In the world of entertainment which yields such powerful influence especially on young people but which sadly is often built on empty hype, broken images and make-believe lives, I truly believe you are a gift, setting a whole new positive and authentic culture that will inspire millions to make a better world.


  1. Thank you Ink. I really admire the way you write anything about Charice...Intelectually yet full of passion and love and concern.I don't know why I'm crying while reading this...Maybe because I could feel the truthfulness of each lines..or maybe because in some points,your words of concern and joy for Charice just reminds me of True Jianee. I could never do what the two of you can and have done for our Princess but I share the same passion,love and concern for Her and for the Chasters as well. We barely know each other but I've been following you since I started Tweeter.And I could never say enough how grateful I am to have known You,MyInheart and True Jianee. Thank you.

  2. I really can't say anything, inkheart, you're awsome guy. I hope to see more from your writing. Really adore you inkheart.

  3. i feel every word you have written here as if they were my own words too. Your innate talent in writing is beyond amazing. full of emotions, very honest and direct to the point. I admire you for sharing your talent in writing so that everyone will come to learn more about our inspiration, Charice and why we adore her so much. all i can say is thank you and please continue writing about her so more and more people will come to know who she really is..a down to earth, loving and humble person, very hardworking and obedient daughter.