Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review of Charice's Performance in Here Comes the Boom

Playing a supporting role, Charice stands out in this 2012 comedy film. Commenting on what was most memorable about it, the author wrote (emphasis mine):
...Scott's prized pupil Malia (Charice), an aspiring musician who is able to memorize information by turning them into song lyrics, gets the best and more energized moments. For a while she is stuck with a lame subplot—her father wants her to give up her dreams to work for him at his restaurant (what is this, "Kung Fu Panda?")—but newcomer Charice brings such honesty and emotion to the screen that one can't help but care about her. Later appearances, as she tutors Niko in preparation for his citizenship test by twisting the lyrics of his favorite song, Journey's "Faithfully," or a climactic moment where she beautifully performs Neil Diamond's "Holly Holy" before the UFC fight, are even better. For a singer-turned-actor whose biggest notable credit is a guest-starring role on "Glee," Charice is a star in the making with a smile that could light up a New York City blackout.
Source: http://www.themovieboy.com/reviews/h/12_herecomestheboom.htm

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