Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Louder" Official Lyric Video by Charice

Update, June 20, 2011 - articles on Charice's "Louder":

Charice's "Louder" Single Sounds Like Her Best Yet

Charice, ‘Louder’ – Song Review

Charice Releases New Single “Louder”

Charice, 'Louder' -- New Song

Is Charice the next Taylor Swift?
Charice's lyric videos are so cool. I believe Charice does them herself despite her super busy schedule - she's a techie, right?

Check below for her latest single, "Louder":

Charice, I'm excited to see your music video for "One Day"! And, won't you have one too for "Lost the Best Thing"?

MP3 Downloads:
Louder - iTunes  / Amazon
Lost The Best Thing - iTunes  / Amazon
One Day - iTunes  / Amazon 
Before It Explodes - iTunes  / Amazon

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