Saturday, May 28, 2011

"One Day: The Charice Saga (An Autobiography)"

Is Charice's rise to the top taking too long?

There are Chasters who think that way and I think it's because they are convinced her talent makes her deserving to be at the top right now. I too am very convinced that Charice is extraordinarily talented and so hardworking that she not only deserves to be at number 1 but to stay there for the longest time.

Honestly, though, I'm finding her "longer" route more exciting. Instead of having a Justin Bieber-like story (which is also incredible), I find Charice's story having the elements of a saga. She's only 19 but look at these:

- childhood years marked by hardship and poverty survived through strong ties shared with her mother and brother
- as a very young teen, losing in a competition on which they had pegged their hopes for a brighter future
- being told she did not have what it takes to be a star
- a mysterious stranger's actions that would alter her life permanently

First success:
- just when she thought everything was lost, suddenly finding herself on centerstage in two of the biggest television shows in the US and astonishing the world
- her privileged one-after-another singing stints with the music industry's greats
- making music history by being the first solo Asian artist to have a debut album land in the Top 10 of Billboard 200
- a highly successful series of solo concerts in Japan, the 2nd largest music industry 

- innocent, young love halted by external factors beyond their control. Will it ever have another chance?
- setting her mind not to get into a relationship...yet
- twist: will it be one of the many faithful Chasters who will ultimately win her heart?

- success that's there yet not quite: not catapulting yet to the very top as hoped for and expected, not quite getting that no. 1 hit song...yet, having to gradually overcome cultural barriers (she's totally Asian in looks, upbringing, culture and ways, and had never lived in the US until a year after she came out on Oprah - making her truly different from her contemporaries)

- the continuous presence of critics who continue in their disbelief in her talents because they think she doesn't have the "look". Where her critics find limitations, Charice locks on opportunities.
- haters who can't accept her genius while at the same time unable to resist watching her and following her career
- and when these two sets seem to reach a high, a Charice success unexpectedly comes

- a clarity of vision of where she wants to go and her incredible focus and hard work in pursuing it

All these and she's only 19.

Now a new chapter's unfolding in Charice's climb to the top and what makes it even more exciting is that no one knows exactly how the next turn will be - just like no one expected her to suddenly appear in Ellen's and Oprah's shows, wow the world, be mentored by no less than David Foster, and be where she is right now.

"One Day: The Charice Saga (An Autobiography)"

Reserve your copies now :)

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