Saturday, May 19, 2012

Charice (Tsares) videos: X Factor Philippines auditions (Cebu)

I just really enjoyed watching these videos. Charice is naturally funny and she makes people happy with her amazing voice, even when done out of fun, and by just being herself.

According to a tweet by @jamie34peters:
(Charice pretending to be a contestant) Charice began singing "Kailangan Kita"...
Watch video below as uploaded by :

And then the dialogue below followed:
Mr. Gary V.: Ahh.. sandali ah..what's ur name?
Charice as Tsares: Ano po..Tsares!
Gary V.: Tsares?!.. (talking to Martin & Pilita Coralles)
Charice as Tsares: Dii..Please po Ser! say Yes!..
Gary V. I'm not sure ah..I'm not sure...uhmmm
Charice as Tsares: Please po!
Martin Nievera: i know you're a Foster Child..but uhmmm..
Charice as Tsares: Apo..
Martin Nievera: (laughing) YESSSSSS!!! (Audience Screaming)
Charice as Tsares: Thank You po. Thank you po.
Gary V.: Basta ako naniniwala ako na you can become a representative of the Philippines, cause you have the X-Factor. The world deserves to see you.
Charice as Tsares: Thank You po Kuya Gare..Thank You po...Yeheyyy! Tsares!!..Yehey!...Tita Pilita Please say Yes!..Please po, say Yes!.No? Yes? No?...
Pilita Corrales: Yeessssssssssssss!! *screaming*
Charice as a Judge: sa lahat po ng nasa pagkakataong ito si Tsares na po ang nanalo..Thank You..
Below is another video from the same uploader. Charice sings "Louder", ballad-style:

Congrats, TSARES!

Playlist of X Factor Philippines - Manila auditions:

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