Thursday, May 24, 2012

Charice now is the same Charice we fell in love with

People change, looks change. But fortunately, Charice now is still the same Charice we fell in love with.

Here's an excerpt of a 2009 article on Charice (emphasis mine):
Charice Pempengco is PHILNEWS.COM Person of the Year for 2009

...Of our seven finalists Charice seems to have truly captured the hearts of the Filipino people. And why not, listening to this young charming seventeen-year-old, one cannot help but be taken in by her charm, and her talent.

One of the first things people notice about Charice is that she is unpretentious. She has no problem letting the world know about her humble beginnings and her struggles growing up in a single-parent household. Unlike local entertainers who immediately put on a fa├žade of sophistication or wealth, this young Filipina with a golden voice has a strong sense of who she is and what she can achieve thus making it unnecessary for her to go out of her way to impress anyone.

Charice is a breath of fresh air for the Philippine entertainment industry. An industry which had initially given her short shrift for looking too "Pinay." It took adoring fans from distant shores to jolt locals into the realization that there was real talent here which they should not ignore.

And yes, we realize that Charice may change, fame and fortune has a way of reshaping even the purest of spirits. But for now, we rejoice in the Charice we have—may she always retain that honesty, that sincerity, that love for her craft, and that truly great singing voice that has made her the overwhelming choice for our Person of the Year.

As a Chaster, a Filipino, a person, I am happy to see that despite the success and fame that Charice has achieved so far, she has indeed retained the beautiful qualities that made us love her when we first "discovered" her: unpretentious, with a strong sense of who she is and what she can achieve, honest, sincere, love for her craft, and a truly great singing voice.

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